American History Essay

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Battles The Battle of Quebec • fought on December 31st 1775 • Generals: Guy Carleton, Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery • Fort St.John was captured • Montgomery was killed • British victory Trenton + Princeton • Fought on December 26th 1776 • General: George Washington • Surprise attack on the British the day after christmas, crossed the Delaware river • defeated the hessians Saratoga • September 1777 • Generals: Benedict Arnold, Horatio Gates • Valley Forge (1777-1778) • brought the Germans (Prussian) Von Struben • France joined the war on the American side • American victory British surrender Yorktown • Last battle fought in the revolutionary war • General: Dagrase • British surrender; american victory Lexington and Concord • British were sent to destroy American military supplies • Paul Revere sent to warn small villages and towns "the british are coming" • this is where the first shot during the revolution was fired Bunker Hill • June 17th 1775 • British planned and uphill attack • Americans ran out of ammunition • British victory The Treaty of Paris • This ware agreed that british had control over all of Canada and also the state of florida • America at this point had been divided between Spain and Great Britain • The Mississippi River was the dividing line Stamp Act : This was a tax paid directly to the british government 1st Continental Congress: This was the first meeting the took place in Philadelphia, 12 of the 13 colonies showed up excluding Rhode Island. 2nd Continental Congress: May 10th 1775; Philadelphia The Declaration of Independence: Written by Thomas Jefferson giving reasons why America should be separated from Britain. Jamestown Settlement: was a settlement[->0] in the Colony of Virginia[->1], the first permanent English

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