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HISTORY 104H #24170 INTERPRETING THE AMERICAN PAST Spring 2011 Instructor: John Forrest TR 5:45-7:00 PM BAL 2062 Office Hours (by appointment only): MW, 5:00-7:00PM, BAL 8015 Note: All students are responsible for all of the information, deadlines, and course requirements contained in this syllabus and for any addition information conveyed by the instructor in handouts, email, via Blackboard, or in oral instructions. All students must activate and use their ODU email account to access Blackboard, receive course information and communicate with the instructor. To activate this account, please go to If students have difficulties with email or Blackboard, they should call the OCCS help desk at 683-3192. All class materials will be posted on Blackboard; they will not be distributed in class. Course Description This course, which is part of the University’s General Education curriculum, will emphasize the history of American Civilization and culture in a world setting from military, economic, social, religious, political, and cultural perspectives. This class is not intended to provide an all-inclusive history of the United States. Through readings and written assignments, students will develop the ability to think critically about the American past as they develop their analytical and critical thinking skills. Your ability to succeed in this class will largely depend on the amount of work you do on your own outside of class. You should read over the textbook to gain the necessary broad overview of American history. In class, we will build on this foundation by examining more specific events, people and trends in history. Text James A. Henretta, etc, America: A Concise History, Vol. 1&2 Attendance and Classroom Behavior Students are expected to attend

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