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Julian Harrell 11/29/2011 English 102 Dr. Prince Rough Draft Learning about the history of other cultures contributes to cultural awareness. There are often more facts of a culture than meet the eye. While African American History unquestionably includes the background of slavery, one can also learn other aspects of the history, whether it is through reading works from the renowned poet Langston Hughes during the Harlem Renaissance, watching documentaries on the Civil Rights Movement, or learning about the legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. In African American Lives Henry Louis Gates, suggest that it is important for African Americans to recover our personal histories because it will give a deeper understanding of Black history milestones that have occurred through time, provides knowledge of African American inventors who contributed to many events in our past, contributes a better understanding of our religious views, and compares today’s society to the past. As African Americans we need to be able to teach our future generations the importance of really knowing and learning about our persona history. It is so important because so much has happened in our past that has changed the way we live today. Without many of the great pioneers in our history there would be a lot of things us African Americans couldn’t do. We wouldn’t be able to work and we wouldn’t be considered as equal citizens which is a huge accomplishment. The majority of African Americans descend from slaves, most of who were sold into slavery as prisoners of war by African states or kidnapped by African, Arab, European or American slave traders. Many of the events in our past not only changed our lives as individuals in society but have also changed and will continue to change future generations. One of the most memorable accomplishments in our past as African

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