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American History Name Grade Course Tutor’s Name 6 March 2012 Outline Introduction Theories Economic development and Democracy theory Ups or Down theory Modernization theory Conclusion Works cited Introduction The American Revolution is the most crucial event in the country’s historical calendar. The North American seven years of war in 1812 plunged America into rebellion against the British. In the end attaining its independence liberating itself, undergoing transformation from colonies into states, and eventually establishing a constitution based federal government and eventually a Nation. Some of the interesting questions that the liberating generation asked themselves were about: law supremacy, commanding authority, power and the relationship between the ruled and the ruling. Heated debates on these subjects still prevail to this date. On top of the list is the American Revolution paradox. In his book, Reading the American Past, Volume II. Johnson illustrates theories from ancient America while highlighting critical social, economic, and political themes of American history. This paper seeks to highlight the theories that relate democracy and economic development, while critically analyzing mechanisms mediating between socioeconomic and non static nature of political regime. Economic development and Democracy theory Observations demonstrate that democracy has a direct relationship with economic development. Progressions from 1959 have synthesized large volumes of research on comparative politics topics (Odonell 23). Supporting evidence on the validity of this relation is that democracies have more chances of growing to become economically developed countries and independent established economic developments. This explanation forms “endogenous” economies. Since only two regimes are the only entities dealt with here, democracies

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