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American History Unit Essay 3 Elena’s own personal tragedy has many comparisons with the tragedy of President Kennedy’s assassination in terms of immediate impact and long-term effects. These comparisons of tragedy can be considered in terms of immediate personal impact and also long-term cultural impact which would both affect Elena’s life and emotions. The first comparison would involve the immediate consequence on young children’s lives resulting from the assassination. Elena, a young person, somewhat isolated in her own little world because of age and Puerto Rican descent, and the young Kennedy children, exposed to a larger world, but a restricted children’s world because of a White House security environment. All these children are going through tragedy during the same period. The Kennedy children experienced a great tragedy when their father, President Kennedy was killed by assassination. Elena’s tragedy was being deprived of a visit (and an opportunity to further grow a relationship) with Eugene. Elena’s has no one to understand her loss or even listen to her with empathy because most are caught up in the emotions of the Kennedy assassination and impact on the nation. Elena faces the negative emotional impact of two mothers crying, her mother and Eugene’s mother. Elena, like many small children, does not yet understand the impact the Kennedy assassination could have upon her in the long-term. She is a member of a minority race and lives in an area of racial mix. She is a good student, but may never receive the encouragement to excel from her family, and may be economically trapped in the area she lives because of prejudice and possible civil rights violations. She probably suffered her first taste of unfair prejudice at the hands of Eugene’s mother. President Kennedy and his brother were strong advocates of civil rights for minority groups

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