American Gangster and Honey

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A lot of people think that the New York City is one of the most dangerous places to live in America. In fact, because of drugs, alcohols, guns, or gangs, it is. However, many people often forget that the city is also a place where people live on. The movie “Honey” portrays how one female dancer lives up to her dreams in New York City. In contrast, the movie “American Gangster” shows a man trying to rule the very dark sides placed in New York City. Although moods of those movies are very different, they portray new leaders in New York City with different approaches. Both movies portray black community in the New York City, and most of issues in black community in real world are portrayed. The major issue is crime, especially drugs. In the movie “Honey,” selling drugs or stealing is described as if they are what black people do. The best example is BB, the boss of black men’s crew. He tells Honey’s boyfriend “Check this out. When you’re tired of nickel-and-diming, just give me a holler. I’m gonna hook you up” (Honey). He doesn’t act like a regular criminal but he rather acts like he’s a fine business man. Needless to say, there’s a theme of crime in “American Gangster” also. Frank, the boss of a gang selling drugs, shows every elements of crime in New York. He sells drugs, shoots people, and bribes cops. The movie portrays a crime syndicate like a successful businessman showing Frank getting married with Miss Puerto Rico, wearing fancy suits, or living in an enormous mansion. A scene which shows the detachment between his personal life and business is shown when he shoots his rival in the head on the street. Right before that, he was having a conversation with his cousins. As the movie shows crime scenes caused by black men, the role of black community becomes very powerful in the movie. However, against the dark side placed in black community, the movie shows the

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