American Gangster Essay

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Jacob Watkins Professor Massenburg Critical Writing Seminar: Concepts in Popular Culture May 11, 2015 American Gangsters Equals America Cops The movie American Gangster addresses the corrupt system of the early 70’s and the consequences of abuse power when being an American gangster was more honorable than being an American cop. This movie was produced by Ridley Scott and was brought to theatres November 2, 2007. The main character in this movie is a man named Frank Lucas, played by the great Denzel Washington. Frank Lucas was a limo driver-turned-right hand man for a man by the name of Bumpy Johnson, an American mob boss in Harlem, New York. One day while in a store, Bumpy Johnson died of a heart attack. Since Bumpy died, Frank felt as though it was his duty to take over the streets of Harlem. Lucas didn’t agree with how the mob was being ran, paying off Tango, an old associate of Bumpy, so he killed him and ran the mob his self. Frank traveled Frank traveled to Southeast Asia to the source of the purest Heroin and brought it back to the U.S. Even though Frank was a man of illegal business, he remained a Christian man who loved his family. As soon as he was on his feet, he bought a big house, found a nice-looking lady, who was a former beauty queen, moved his family from North Carolina, and took them in, and made sure they went to Church every Sunday. He was a very intelligent, kind man, and a leader. He easily took control of every situation, and anything he wanted, he got it. Ridley Scott has directed many great movies, such as Gladiator, but for this movie his focus was on the late sixties, early seventies in the black community of Harlem, New York. He attracted mainly an African American audience for this movie because during that time period, the gangsters were the heroes of the neighborhood. Before Bumpy died, Frank would help him hand out turkeys on
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