American Freedom Essay

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Land of the free? Do you believe, as an American citizen, you have freedom to practice religion of your choice? I don’t believe so. The first amendment states that we have the right of religious freedom and freedom of speech. But there have been occurrences that can be considered exceptions to the first amendment. George Washington promised the Hebrews safety to practice and attend their place of worship with safety. And what about the groups of people that have organizations against a religion? Is that right? In 1789, the Constitution that we today take so for granted, had still not been ratified by all of the Colonies. George Washington decided to tour all of the New England states that fall of 1789. But he didn’t visit Rhode Island. By 1790, Rhode Island had signed it, after Congress adjourned that year; Washington decided he would pay a visit to Rhode Island. Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and New York Governor George Clinton accompanied him. They sailed from New York City to Newport where the group spent the night. The next morning officials of that city, and representatives from various religious groups, asked for the honor of reading the president letters of welcome to the city. Among them was Moses Seixas, who was allowed to read his letter aloud to the president. Moses Seixas gave a speech of gratitude to George Washington for his leadership in the establishment of a new government. He expressed the hope that this new country would meet all of its citizens respect and tolerance, whatever their background and religious beliefs. Seixas moved the president. He responded to that letter on August 21, 1790, assuring the Hebrew congregation that “every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, vend there shall be none to make him afraid.” This was a very poetic way of saying they would be safe in their homes and houses of worship. He also

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