American Founding Importance

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American Founding The American Declaration of Independence in July 4th 1776 was without doubt one of the greatest events of the 18th century (Willis 365). A group of far flung colonies had managed to set themselves free from the shackles of European based rule. The significance of the event could not be ignored given that it not only gave hope to the colonialist, but also other territories within the new world that were under European Monarchial rule. However, overcoming the British rule proved not to be the final path to self rule that the 13 states had long been seeking in the lead up to the American Revolutionary War (Cogliano 99). The 13 states were essentially sovereign territories that had only come together to fight for a common cause against a common enemy (Dye et al. 16). The Founding Fathers and those who drove the independence agenda came together in a bid to unite the 13 states into a Union Republic, via the Federalist Papers that were ultimately aimed at ratifying the US Constitution (Willis 264). Despite the teething problems in terms of cooperation of the states; the US Declaration of Independence was a unique triumph of the importance of the role of the people in self governance. The factors that led the 13 colonies to declare…show more content…
32). The essay also aimed to put the sovereignty of the republic to be above that of individual states. The spirit of the Federalist Essays was somewhat contrary to that of the declaration of independence. The essay argued that in order to safeguard the republic against factions, liberties had to be curtailed since it is the existence of liberties that give rise to factions. This was completely against the purpose of the declaration which specifically aimed to enhance personal liberties (Vukadinovic
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