American Foreign Policy Events

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Marianna Gonzalez 3/19/15 Period 6 Mr.Torres Looking at America today, people around the world come to realization that The United States of America is a global superpower to everyone. There are many factors in history that contributed to the increase of America’s rapid growth of power. Those being domestic and foreign policies/events. The foreign policy aspect helped America become the powerful country it is today. The most important question rises, what international events or American foreign policies helped the United States the most in becoming a world superpower during the years of 1865 through 1945? The key foreign policy events that led to the United States becoming a world superpower after were: The Spanish…show more content…
By the time The United States became serious into looking beyond its own land, most of the country was already taken, except Hawaii. Interests in Hawaii began in the 1820’s, when New England missionaries tried to earnest to spread their faith. Since the 1940’s keeping European powers out of Hawaii became a principal foreign policy goal. As the missionaries began to arrive to the Hawaiian islands, they started to civilize and build schools to educate the children. They also dressed the Hawaiians and basically taught them how to act, dress, and talk like Americans. This meaning that, because we have so much power in our hands by this time, we simply annexed the island of Hawaii without having to go to war and making it complicated. The establishment of the sugar trade with the Hawaiian islands created a sitiuation of economic independence. In order to counter any sort of native assistance, the Bayonet Constitution was established, stripping the Hawaiian king of his powers and effectively diminishing democracy in the Hawaiian Islands and the indigeneous community. Waves of Japan came to the islands increasing numbers to work in the sugar trade. U.S. militaries built a stragetic naval base in the center of the Pacific. This provided fuel for the congress to pass annexation legislation which means that we can now put our…show more content…
These three events had a big impact in the world and I believe that anyone should know these topics, because of these three events we are the most respected and powerful country in the world and why wouldn’t anyone want to know our great, hard-working, history? This is what makes us the powerful country that we

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