American Family Values

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Got Family Values Melissa M. Cobb Comm/112 April 25, 2012 Coach Santos Got Family Values American’s claim to have no knowledge of the continuing down whirl spiral that has consumed our younger generation. Each year more crime is committed by the children of America, according to The Annie E. Casey Foundation-Juvenile Justice (2012), “Sixty-six percent of youth in the juvenile justice system are in custody for non-violent crimes.” We are still amazed when we her about the youth involved in crimes or the problems the youth create or the youths reaction to things created by their own behavior. No one stops to reflect on how family values have changed in the American Culture today. American families are no longer finding the time to install traditional family values. Many things are lost from generation to generation: families are not sitting down eating dinner together, families are not spending time talking to one another or learning about each other. Even worse, one of the earliest traditions of attending church and learning about the word “of God” is no longer a household concern. The oldest family tradition that has been lost-over time is the desire of the whole family together at the dinner table at the same time. Family dinners allow the opportunity to unite the family and to discuss everyone’s well being. It also combines two basic needs, nourishment and connection. Nourishment, the natural instinct to provide for and love one another; and the importance of communicating is a vital detail in connecting and restoring family values. There can be no question that the family dinner tradition is slowly vanishing. More people are eating on the go, in their cars, on the way to soccer practice, football practice, volleyball practice or on the way home from these events but eating in the car has become a common dinner
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