American Exceptionalism Vs Conservatism

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America is exceptional in many different aspects of this world's history. It's ideology following the “American Dream” and the many things the new land promises opens peoples' eyes up to opportunity and success. America was sought out to be different, rewarding and to entail all the things that people wanted to change and make better than the previous governments they were living under. With decentralization, people involved the entire country in decision making and separated them into branches based on their beliefs. This gave everyone the chance to voice an opinion and to initially pick the best person to govern the country. Liberalism and conservatism are what ideologies encircle the American government. Conservatism allows individuals…show more content…
It proves how different people can be and how different people can believe and still cooperate under the same government and within the same borders. With the expansion of the United States came this belief or Manifest Destiny. Americans believed that it was their duty and responsibility to expand America. They believed that they needed to extend their “boundaries of freedom.” In doing so, they brought their form of government to those who appreciated it, and to those who felt it imposing on them, like many Native Americans. With the Great depression of America, American Exceptionalism was greatly changed. People started to doubt the great American dream that was not supposed to be at that low level of the economy. Endless opportunities and profits were no longer existent and the once exceptional America was looked at as a failure to many Americans living in that era. Along with this decline, World War II also added to the doubt. With the second war going on with the United States, people began to see how many people really didn't like the country they lived in. They saw how many people didn't think America was as exceptional or as magnificent as they once did or still do. America was in a dark age, and many people will never forget that…show more content…
It requires effort and will to want to succeed. Success has to involve the individual wanting to learn from their mistakes and wanting to improve on themselves as a person and as a professional. Success includes what you want to do with your life. It does not have to be glamorous as long as you are happy with what you have accomplished and what you have done to offer the world. The definition of success in America is wanting to be the best you can be and striving to do better than that. Being a successful American requires you to be able to see yourself as a success and be able to see yourself as a independent, sufficient

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