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American English Vs. British English Essay

  • Submitted by: MeMa4ever
  • on December 18, 2011
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Below is an essay on "American English Vs. British English" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

You know that there is no such thing called British language and American language, but there is American English and British English. That does not mean that there is two English, it just the fact that when many people and cultures immigrant to America the English there mixed together with different cultures and languages and became a new branch of English differ from the British one… we see these differences in many aspect of the language such as:

In spelling:
As we know that there is a huge variety of spelling between American and British English… we can divide it into two types:

Noun spelling:
For example color in American English spells as colour in British English
Also analyse in American English spells as analyze in American English

Verb spelling:
Generally, verbs that end with –ed in American English end with –t in British one…. like dreamed dreamt, learned learnt
Also verbs include base form in American English ended with –ed in British English… like wed wedded, fit fitted.

As we know, words are the basic stuff of language, sounds and letters are the way words are expressed. If we look at the differences between American English and British English we noticed a plenty of differences... for example…. In American English they use ‘apartment’ instead of ‘flat’ in British English. Also American uses the word ‘ATM’ while in England they use ‘cash-point’. On the other hand, in British English they use ‘mate’ instead of ‘buddy’ in American one.

Although many words are spelled the same in both forms of English, they may differ in pronunciation
For example:
  * The majority of American have \i\ in the stress syllable though British have \aI\ so words like either and neither pronounce as \iðer\ while in British English pronounce as \aiðɑː\
  * Unlike AmE, BrE speakers tend to omit the \r\ sound in the middle and the end of the words like \kɑː\ and \leɑːn\, but the pronounce it clearly in the beginning of the...

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