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Spring discusses that the emphasis on schooling in our unequality society would provide everyone the chance to pursue their “particular social positions because of merit and not because of family wealth, heredity, or special cultural advantages.” (p. 31) Spring goes on to discuss the various school models that have come about for equality of education. As I read this section on the common-school model, the sorting-machine model, and the high-stakes testing model, I couldn’t help but think of how I have personally viewed all these models at play both in my personal experience in K-12 schooling and in the public school I currently work in. While, in this day and time we are under the high-stakes testing model, we can still see bits and pieces that linger from the previous models. As I was going through the public school system as a student, we were under the sorting-machine model, but migrating towards the high-stakes testing model. I vividly remember, being asked in eighth grade by a high school guidance counselor,who had come to map out my high school curriculum, whether I wanted to go vocational or college path. There I was a young child still having to make that decision that in so many ways would characterize the rest of my life. As I stated earlier, education had a lot of emphasis in my family, so of course I choose college path. Looking back though I see the sorting that was already taking place for the girls and boys in my class. I did though go through an education system that did also place value on tests (the dreaded ACT and SAT). I remember thinking back then why was so much importance placed on this one test and not on the rest of a student’s application, little did I know then that the importance placed on standardized testing would only

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