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Casey Scott February 13, 2012 Essay #1 American Education Question: What are competing agendas for public schools? Compare and contrast democratic versus individual ideals. There are many different viewpoints that go into a system of education. These different views have the same goal but are trying to take different paths to result in the same outcome. I say this because it is a priority that all students get an education, but parents, teachers, administration, government officials, citizens of the public, and private school enforcers all believe a different theory as to how this goal can be met. The term used for many differing pieces of advice in education is called a competing agenda. The democratic view of a competing agenda comes down to the public getting the best education possible to provide the students a basis for getting out into the workforce and circulate the country’s money. This also provides a to the controversy of decentralization and centralization. Democracy is all about the public, so when a school is privately owned it is as if the money that the students are paying in tuition is going into these schools and is taken away from the public schools. Public schools are funded by the government from the citizens taxes. Sometimes when governmentally funded schools are excelling they are rewarded with more funds to better their education. Private schools have their own way of gaining funds to increase educational success and that is their way of progressing. Private schools can make money by having fundraisers for education and also, the more common way, by charging tuition. The individualistic idea that the funds are coming from the working class and going directly into the school as tuition is a choice. Exactly the same as the parent choosing to send their child to a public school. The taxes that the parent pays, are paying

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