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Interview I interview some of my high school teachers on Facebook about the state of the American education. Mr. Chu: Mr. Chu was my chemistry teacher in high school, what make it interesting is that Mr. Chu from china so he had a lot to say. His take on this issue what simple he said that American are lazy and that we do not discipline enough our kids. He said we have too many breaks in the school year but in china student gone to school almost all year long. Mrs. O’Connor: Mrs. O’Connor was my English teacher she told me that there are people who design the curriculum who have no idea what they are doing. And those real teachers should be involved with the design of those curriculums because they know better. Mr. Gray: he was my substitute English teacher. I asked him why some student do better than other student. He said a child that is upper/middle class has more opportunities to learn outside of school. Parents can purchase them more books, games, and take them on trips. A student of poverty does not get those opportunities. Questions 1. What’s union’s role in education? 2. What are the metrics to encourage better teaching? 3. Why so many public schools closing? 4. Who to blame for the American education? 5. How to encourage student to get better grade? 6. Is the no child left behind law was a good idea? 7. What’s the different between public school and private school? 8. Can the American education system get better soon? 9. It’s the students fault for the failed or the teachers? 10. What can parents do to help? 11. Can education be our number one issue? 12. Can let break for student help? 13. Can 2 teachers per class help student focus more? 14. Why international students do better than most American kids? 15. why the richest get all the better

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