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In U.S.A thousands of students poorly educated and equipped to deal with life and be effective at their future careers because of the broken education system. I believe that education is the key solution to most of the today’s world’s problems. It’s also the fastest way to improve the capacity of U.S.A and ensure a great future for America. Simple ideas and changes can help to improve our educational system. If I had a unlimited power, I could do the following changes. Most important Element TEACHERS : Creating and hiring better Teachers and of course pay them well. What I mean by better Teachers is much more skilled and experienced Educators, like real life experience and strong skill sets. School Teachers can have a couple of years a different job before they become a teacher. This way they can see real life experiences and problems, otherwise it will bring very difficult for their students to accept the inexperienced young teacher. Inexperienced young teacher need to have additional training like public speaking. Creating better school curriculum; Schools can select better subjects to educate students in real life educational topics. Like Investing, Real Estate, Internet Marketing. Because I’m being taught at school going to help me later in real life. Students should receive a real life education. Using Technology: Internet, web, mobile technology should be used more effectively. Education can be made available 24/7 to students, so they can continue after school studies and reach the information in real time but the school shouldn't lose the connection with the students even successful famous individuals including scientist, political leaders, artist and sports stars have to be invited to speak at schools to bring some practical knowledge and inspiration. I think the subject that I mentioned will be useful for part of the education problems, I know that

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