American Drean Hiratio Alger Essay

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The American Dream “the widespread belief that, by hard work and individual enterprise, even the most poor and lowly Americans can achieve economic success, a better way of life and enhanced social status in a land of immense opportunity (Watts).” Ragged Dick is really about rising from rags to respectable not rags to riches. I view that Dick is an exceptional character showing that true grit to get what he wants even if its almost out of reach, which shows “The American dream” is something you have to work for. Dick has all the qualities of someone who could achieve his goals with hard work. Dick is a young man who has lived on his own for years, meeting Mr. Whitney changed how Dick viewed people and life. How could a man Dick did not even know have faith in him to appreciate a new suit and not ask for anything in return? But when thinking how “The American Dream” is viewed in Dick’s eyes he sees it as having respect from all and when he is in a suit he receives the respect from his elders. Throughout the book you hear Dick use words such as “bully” when describing something that is very good. In the time that Dick and Mr. Whitney are together you find that Dick starts to show his real thoughts on what he wants to do in the future, which shows that Dick does have a “dream” in a way. When Dick meets Mr. Whitney’s nephew Frank they bond while Dick shows him around New York. During this time Dick discovers that being a boot black is not something he has to do for the rest of his life, but he understands that working for his money in a respectable way is okay. In a large city as New York Dick and Frank find themselves in difficult situations that always include scams, which end with Dick always knowing the catch. When Dick is in these situations he knows the deal but never lets it show, and this is positive because “The American Dream” makes it so you are

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