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American Dream Essay Ethnic minorities have achieved the American dream to an extent. Democracy has been achieved since voting and registering is at its highest ever amongst ethnic groups and ethnic groups are also more represented in congress. Capitalism has been achieved since income has increased for all ethnic groups. Equality has been achieved since there has been an increase in graduation rates amongst ethnic groups. However, ethnic minorities are still under-represented in congress, whites still register and vote more than any other ethnic group and unemployment is high amongst minorities. Despite this, Asians are one group which achieve the American dream to a large extent. A key part of the American dream is democracy. This includes the right to political participation. Ethnic minorities are using this right to an extent since voting turnout rates increased between 2004-2008. For example, black turnout rate increased from 60% to 65% and Hispanic's increased from 47& to 49%. Political representation amongst ethnic group is also at its highest ever. Barack Obama, the USA's first minority president, was elected in 2008. Minorities are also more represented in congress than ever before with black representation increasing from 42 to 44 and Hispanic representation increasing from 28 to 31 between the 111th and 112th congress. However, whites still have a higher turnout rate than any other group at 66% and whites are still heavily over-represented in congress at 447 when there should only be 339, meaning minorities are heavily under-represented. This indicates ethnic minorities do not achieve the American dream to the same extent whites do. Capitalism is another key feature of the American dream. This includes having a good job and high income. Many ethnic minorities have achieved this as evident through increasing incomes amongst all ethnic groups. For

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