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Maria Arciniegas SPC 1017 Professor LeBlanc December 8th, 2014 American Dream According to James Truslow Adams, an american writer and historian, the American Dream means “life should you be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to the ability or achievement”. Present day, the American Dream for most americans means achieving prosperity and success through hard work. To each of course this meaning may vary depending on what their own idea of success may be. The typical American Dream would be being able to arrive to this country and receive an excellent education without any barriers such as class, religion, race or ethnicity, become a professional in any field of career, and finally establish their families purchasing homes and cars. What do all these goals have in common? No matter how big or small these goals are, all of these mean success to all these different individuals. As previously mentioned, the typical American Dream main points would be Education, Home Ownership, and Social Security which I will now briefly identify each of their pro and cons. First of all, Education in the United States has become a major requirement throughout the years. Many corporations, businesses, restaurants and stores require a degree whether a bachelors or at least a high school diploma to be able to work in their companies. Pros or advantages of education in the US can be : 1) Variety and access to many career fields for both men and women 2) Financial Assistance is available 3) Many job opportunities around the country and abroad Now as for the Cons: 1) Cost slowly rising each year 2) Jobs rejecting students for over-qualified profiles and not enough work experience 3) Depression due to loneliness and stress Next, after eduction another main point of the American Dream is home ownership.

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