American Dream Essay

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Living as an American Living as an American can be very hard and very stressful. Despite the infinite list of disadvantages there are some advantages and along with that differences that separate us from the rest of the world including the dreams and fears of American citizens and what prevents everyone from achieving there dream. Living in America is hard work! Americans work longer then any other country in the world. Although Americans work on average longer hours they also spend more money on average then other countrys and have many more material goods then other nations. Also Americans are well paid but they have certain expenses then other countrys don't. An example of this would be health insurance. Most of Americas competing nations offer free health insurance while America does not. In economics Americans have higher expectations then other countrys and are expected to work longer hours, more years over a lifetime, take less time off work, expected to produce more goods and services. The reasons for this is because of America's standing in the economic world and the increasing inequality between the rich and middle class. In the last 30 years wages for the middle class have barley increased while the rich have had their earning increased significantly. The American dream has changed a lot over the years but stays the same in many ways. When the idea of the American dream was first created it was more of a real estate ad then reality. America was thought of heaven on earth, many people said the streets were paved with gold, and People thought America was a place without limits where everyone would end up rich. The reality of America how ever is not the same as America is very harsh with many difficulties. Now a days the American dream is still very unrealistic. People want riches, huge houses and eternal happiness. The dreams of the immigrants and

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