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Adreonna Jackson Dixon ENG 101 24 September 2014 The American Dream What is the American Dream? In Brandon King’s essay, “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or On Hold?” he redefines the American Dream as the potential to work in an honest, secure way of life, and save for the future. In this essay he also believes that people are okay with a middle-class lifestyle and just want to have a stable employment. To King the American Dream is still alive and that it is the key to climbing out of the Great Depression, overcoming inequality, and achieving true prosperity. I agree with some of the things he says and some I disagree. I think the American Dream is how people want to live their life, how they imagine their success, and how the rich live different from the poor. Everybody in the world lives a different lifestyle. Everybody wants different things. I disagree with King’s view that, “today most people do not strive for a rags-to-riches transition, and instead prefer a stable, middle-class lifestyle” (573). Basically, King is saying people would rather live a middle-class lifestyle than a rich lifestyle. I could have all the money in the world and still would want more. On the other hand, some people may have a different mindset, and would settle for a middle-class lifestyle. A survey was taken and people with 5 million dollars said they were not wealthy. People who stay in a big city probably would want to have a little more than a middle-class lifestyle because the cost of living is going to be higher. For example, if people live in a state like Georgia, then they might be able to live a middle-class lifestyle, but if they move to a state like New York, they would need more than a middle-class lifestyle. The world would not be right if everyone was living the same lifestyle the same. Not only do people want to live a different life, they have their own

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