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Short Story Essay SOCI 201-The American Dream Still Exists December 10, 2013 The American Dream Still Exists People often refer to the ‘American Dream’ as the European, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and Asian immigrants that came to the United States many years ago to start a new life. When people think of immigrants in present time, they think of the Spanish population that have come here illegally because their presence has been strongly emphasized by the media. There are still immigrants that come to this country who want to become legal, law-abiding citizens, and contribute to society. People have forgotten that the desire and struggle to start a new life in the United States still very real. I am proof that the ‘American Dream’ does still exist. I grew up in Cameroon, a country in the west Central Africa region. My parents brought me to this country when I was in high school. The transition was not easy for many reasons. Not only was I leaving the only home that I had known all my life, but I was leaving my family and friends. In Cameroon, I grew up in an affluent area, and my parents were considered upper middle-class. My parents could afford to send me to boarding school for many years. When we arrived to the United States, we basically had to start all over. I spoke French, so I had to learn to speak English fluently when I arrived. We no longer lived in a large home, but we now lived in an apartment. Shortly after moving here, I went to go live with my uncle. He had already been in the United States for some time, and he already established things for himself and his family. I became very close with my uncle and he taught me many things about life and about the pursuit of happiness. He made me realize that I must absolutely work hard for everything. I must keep a competitive spirit about me in order to survive, especially in a country that is

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