American Dream Essay

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Everyone has dreams, goals that they want to achieve and want to be successful in life. We all work hard to make a living for our families and give them luxuries that we did not have. We all have the mindset to go out into the world and prove to everyone how important we are. To be loved, valued and remembered long after we have played our part in this harsh world is essential to all, but achieved by few. The disenchanting fact that majority of our dreams will eventually be crushed by the bitter law of reality, causes some of us to go over the edge. Welcome to the Cultural issues and values workshop of 2013, where we explore the impact of the rough reality of today’s world has on people and their character, lives, ambitions and relationship with the rest of humanity. Through the play, Death Of A Salesman, by Arthur Miller, we explore the validity of the “American Dream”, the emphasis the world puts on “connections” and the importance of family love. We will then compare these ideas with the concept of the impossibility of the American dream in the novel, Of Mice And Men, by John Steinbeck. We will then compare and contrast these cultural issues with the effect and influence it has on society in the present day and age. In America between the 1920-1940s, when Miller wrote this play and Steinbeck wrote the novel, they were in the middle of the Great Depression or, in Millers case, straight out of it (Wikipedia, American Dream, 20th century). The idea of the American dream ran the lives of many. The ability to have independence, stability, ownership and a long lasting legacy through hard work and determination seems to have a profound effect on the dreamer. Yet, time and time again, reality plays its hand and he/she is left wanting. The major events in Willy Lowman’s life, like being fired, conveys the impossibility of the American Dream and that it is not a

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