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COVER PAGE CORRECT GRAMMAR N SPELLING SPACING N WATEVER ELSE Gatsby’s life in relation to the American Dream: The narration of the story is done by a young man called Nick Carraways who befriended Gatsby. The Great Gatsby can be portrayed as a story of how an individual from the low working class who worked hard to achieve recognition in society; like many people that wants to achieve what is known as ‘The American Dream`. Needing to find a profession, Nick decided to move the East, New York, to pursue the bond business like so many other young men in the early 1920’s. In the spring of 1922 Nick moved to the West Egg- the smaller of two islands in Long Island Sound. On the East Egg were his second cousin Daisy and her husband Tom, who he met in college. On the first occasion of visiting Daisy he was introduced to a young woman called Miss Baker, and also learnt about Tom keeping another woman. Later he encountered Jay Gatsby. One afternoon on a trip to New York with Tom, Nick is officially introduced to Myrtle Wilson; Tom`s mistress. Her husband was the mechanic to many people from the islands including Tom. Most of the visits between the couple were done by a lie of Myrtle visiting her sister in New York. Nick was surprised when he was invited to a party at their little `love nest `together with other acquaintances. Throughout the meeting he was repelled and enchanted simultaneously by what he experienced. Learning more about Gatsby-his new neighbour -Nick noticed that Gatsby entertained every weekend throughout the summer. On nick`s first invite to one of those famous parties he was surprised by the casual flow of conversation and enthusiastic meetings that took place by te people of the staid nobility in the countryside. As the summer went on Nick and Gatsby became close friends learning more about each others `background. Jay Gatsby fought in the

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