American Dream Essay

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Kelsey Stockton Writing 121 (Evans) January 25, 2013 Word Count: 1,523 Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Music and television is a constantly changing and evolving field of entertainment. When first introduced, this media was solely used as method of relaying information across cities, states, and countries. As years have progressed, media has gone from being a news source, to being an entertainment source. Television started playing sitcoms, and then broadened the boundaries to reality shows. Radio started out with regional news and traffic updates and now listeners can join in to learn about the latest celebrity gossip. Vulgar language is now a common sound to come out of radio speakers. Drinking to all hours of the night every day of the week is viewed as an acceptable, and to some, especially younger generations, an admirable way of life. Youth today are more inclined to rebellious behavior because youth today are exposed to these behaviors through media outlets such as television and radio. Youth of past generations did not have the access to these radio and television shows that display such negative behavior. In “Eminem is Right,” Mary Eberstadt states, “Misogyny, violence, suicide, sexual exploitation, child abuse—these and other themes, formerly rare and illicit, are now as common as surfboards, drive-ins, and sock hops of yesteryear” (Pg. 223). Eberstadt explains how music and media of today has continuously deteriorated, causing desensitized, and rebellious adolescents. It is becoming more and more apparent in today’s society that younger generations are not just watching these television shows, or listening to these radio shows, they are trying to embody what they see and hear as well. In the past fifteen to twenty years, teen pregnancy rates have begun to skyrocket, the amount of juveniles in detention centers have increased, and drugs and alcohol are a

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