American Culture Vs Chinese Culture

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American culture VS Chinese culture The American culture is diverse from the Chinese culture. The differences between them have three proportions which are the attitude toward life, the money values, the educational view. To begin with, life to different people have different view. The American are always very positive, optimistic to life. But the Chinese are a little different; sometimes, they are very negative to life. For instance, if the company boss always let you work overtime, what should you do? The result of American is ok, all right. Because the boss will gives you extra wages for your time. On the contrary, the Chinese will be very angry, they maybe think, I still have so many things to do, pick up the kids after work, do some housework, cook food, and do something they like, why are you always working overtime? Personaly, the core reason for that difference is there are larger people in China than that in America. The whole society is very competitive, people are under high stress and are easy to be angry. Then, the money value is the most obvious point which is different. In the history of recently 100 years, China changed from a very poor, undeveloped country to a country which is developing very fast today. Because the wars and invasions at that time were very often, so the people were hungry, and under terrible conditions. From generation to generation, money to Chinese people is what water to fish. But the American have a great ability to make money using their high technology to produce some innovative productions and many other ways. They like bidding for something, investing money into some programs no matter what it is. They are just not considering too much, if only they have a lot joys. Using two phrases to describe the Chinese and American money value are conservative and courage. Last but not least, their views on

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