American Culture: It Is The Amish Way

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It is the Amish Way Genesee Larche Cultural Anthropology ANT101 Professor Mitra Rokni November 19, 2012 It is the Amish Way The US is a pluralistic society in which many minorities retain their respective partial-universes, while sharing a core universe with other Americans (Leo, 2007). Each minority group within the US tends to coexist with each other. Few communities in the US are as cultural distinct as the Amish who have chosen to isolate themselves from mainstream American culture in order to hold onto to the purity of their religious beliefs. The cultural behaviors of communities are generally determined by those cultures primary modes of subsistence. The culture of the Amish community however, is driven by their religious…show more content…
Over the years due to the high cost of farmland and available land to buy many have started their own businesses or work outside of the community as skilled laborers. Amish farms produce a variety of produce such as corn, hay, wheat, tobacco, soybeans, barley, potatoes, herbs, fruits, and vegetables (Howley, 2008). By growing what they eat, milking their own cows, and slaughtering their livestock the Amish diet is almost self-sufficient (Leo, 2007). The Amish share their food with family, neighbors, and the needy while the surplus produce and livestock are sold to purchase what they cannot grow like flour, sugar, and…show more content…
Just like all other aspects of their culture, their religious beliefs guide their responses to life, death, health, and illness (Fisher, 2002). For the Amish the quality of a person’s life is far more important than its length. In fact, a “good” death is preferred to more days or months of pain and suffering (Fisher, 2002). The Amish community cares for the ill, elderly, feeble, mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, will have surgery and other forms of high tech treatment but will delay seeking medical treatment for minor problems (Fisher, 2002). For minor problems, they will generally rely on alternative or homeopathic remedies. Ultimately, for the Amish it is God who heals

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