American Culture and Conflict

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Don’t fight conflict with conflict is what I’ve always been taught. It’s hard not to fight conflict with conflict when I turn on the news and see the Government doing nothing but fighting conflict with conflict. I could go on for days about the government and conflict but I’d rather not bore you with that. The American Culture is full of conflict but we also have ways to deal with this conflict. I think for the most part women use to be seen as a un equal to man in America. They weren’t thought to be as powerful and strong as a man but in today’s culture I think women have all proven people wrong. Women as a whole didn’t avoid this conflict, they took it head on and there are so very powerful women in my American culture today. I personally would love to have a female president. I think that’s what this country needs. It’s pretty well taught to us now that women are equal to man and can do anything a man can do. In relationships I think we’re taught to stray from conflict in my culture. It’s kind of frowned on. People that if you’re fighting with your partner than you’re not going to work out. Some management strategies would be counseling, avoiding an argument or conflict, compromising and competing. I personally think avoiding and argument in a relationship is wrong. I think it should be dealt with so you don’t have bottled up emotions. I’m a huge fan of compromising. For example my fiancé wanted to go se a comedian that was playing a live show in town Saturday night. I wanted to go out and have a couple drinks and head over to a party that my friends are having. We argued about what we were going to do for about ten minutes until we compromised. I thought to myself this comedian is in town probably once a year and we see our friends every week so I should go to the comedy show and forget the party. I lost, she won but in the end I still think that I own as

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