American Country Music Concert

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Vivian Wong Music24 Benedict Lim American country music concert On the 9th March, 2012, I went to a country music concert called “Front Porch Friday Night”. The concert was hold by a country music band called “The Lost Church”, but they were not the performers. They had invited two special guests for this month performance. The two of them were Graham Patzner and Suzanne Vallie.The performance started at 8p.m. and ended at 9p.m. My aunt and I arrived a half hour earlier. The concert was hold on 65 Capp Street, the place was the host The Lost Church’s house. There were a little stage in the center of the house. The host treated us very nice. We found a nice place to sit down, and I started to look around the house. The light in the house dimed very low, it made me kind of sleepy. Be honest, I was not looking forward to watch this concert. At about 8:10p.m the concert finally started. The first performer was Suzanne Vallie. She was a really beautiful girl with short hair. My first thought was that people who look good can’t sing good. Shockingly, I totally fall in love with her voice. She sang perfectly. And she played guitar by herself when she was singing. The first song called “Keep you home”. The song was talking about a couple who had an argument, and the girl was trying to keep the guy stay with her so she wrote this song for him. Suzanne Vallie used a very sweet voice at first to express the passion that the couple had for each other, and then use a husky voice at the end to express the sadness that the girl felt. The next song was called “My Treasure”. This song was actually Suzanna Vallie wrote to her best friend, Macy, which already passed away. The melody of this song was very slow, I was about to sleep. But after she sang the first time, she told the story behind this song. Then she sang it again, and this

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