American Constitution In 1787

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Ever since the writing of the American Constitution in 1787, the US established a written set of core beliefs and values that were to carry on into the future and promote a framework of thought for what we now like to call, the American ideology. As the founding fathers intended; “all men are created equal....with certain unalienable rights,” such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thus, the constitution made history and set the future. It made history because it signalled a new beginning of belief systems and way of governing in 1787. Set the future because the way Americans think today is primarily based on the principles laid out in the constitution. Hence, it established a “political orientation: an orientation that characterizes…show more content…
This is because America by its very “nature” is liberal. When Tocqueville came to America “he arrived at a state of democracy without having to endure a democratic revolution” so was thus “born free without having to become so.” Hence, “freedom was a matter of birthright” and so any “American assumes liberalism as one of the presuppositions of life.” Thus, it is quite clear liberty is in American blood. It was there from the beginning and so is fundamental to the way Americans think and govern themselves. Similarly, liberalism, like individualism and the American dream have deep historical connections. This only strengthens the argument that America does have one American ideology, as many of the values talked about were not simply given to America, they were created by America. Created through events that characterize America’s history. Consequently, there can only be one ideology unique to America. To neatly summarize the message were trying to convey, “we can no longer accept there is an American “right” or an American “left.” With reference to…show more content…
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