American Colonization Essay

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Essay 1 King James I chartered a joint-stock enterprise called the Virginia Company. James assigned the company as an explicit religious mission to convert the native Indians to Christianity. What was true of must colonial ventures was also true for this one, the lure of profit was mixed with the pious intentions. The stocker holders viewed the colony as source of gold and profit that would free them from their dependence on Spain; they also saw it as a way of transporting many jobless British to America. The Virginia Company planted its first colony called Jamestown, named after King James I, bringing 105 men and boys. The settlers came in search of gold, friendly Indians, and easy living, when in reality they found disease, starvation, drought, and death. Supplies from England were unreliable and of the 105 on 38 survived the first nine months. The natives taught them to grow maize, which ended up being their means of survival. The Virginia Company appointed Captain John Smith to manage the new colony. He turned the colony around by using forced labor and strict discipline. No gold of silver was found in Virginia and the colony continued to struggle for the next seven years until John Rolfe introduced the growing of the highly profitable tobacco. The soil was very fertile and the climate was warm, allowing a long growing season for the crop. They began to export the tobacco to Europe where it was extremely popular, making it a very profitable trade. Although it was profitable, tobacco required extremely intensive labor and large amounts of fertile land. With the demand for labor on the rise, indentured servants were flowing into the colonies, increasing the immigration drastically. Not only were indentured servants coming into the colonies, but also the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, sons who were not going to inherit any land from their fathers came in

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