American Civil War Dbq Outline

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American Civil War (Attacks from the US) - D’Arcy McGee warned that war was an appetite that grew with feeding ( referring to the American Civil War that they had ravaged the country for four years. ) - Military strength of the US, despite 4 years of fighting and over half a million dead continued to grow. - By the end of the war, the federalists had regained control of the south and the British Government recognized that its forces in BNA couldn’t possibly hold out against an attack from the US, therefore, they could only support the drive for union. - There were one million soldiers just below the border and virtually nothing was stopping them from crossing the border. They lived in the shadow of the largest federal union in the world at that time - America…show more content…
- The American Civil War goaded Washington into tearing up the first free trade deal between the US and British North America. - The US was growing and many new states were forming such as California, Texas, and Minnesota, and it was very plausible that they would try to take what was now British Columbia as theirs. - Aggressive American newspapers threatened to “fix” British colonies - Canada had been invaded before in the past in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 - Because of the heavy threat of expansion, Canada needed a railroad in order to transport troops around the country much faster. The only way to be able to do so was to make the colonies a single independent country End of Reciprocity Treaty - The reciprocity treaty allowed goods to pass through the US duty –
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