The American Civil War Essay

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The American civil war took place between 1861 and 1865. It had been fought between the northern states (also known as the Union) and the Southern States (also known as the Confederacy). Northern and Southern states had always had many moral and political differences, often involving economy and culture. However, the main and most inevitable cause for this war to break out had been slavery. Although it had been foreseen that the Union was to obtain victory in this war, the South had some advantages which should be taken into account. At the start of the Civil war, victory for the Union had not been as obvious as it had been later because the Southern states had some advantages which could have helped win the war. The South had been relying on their cotton exports for a long time, and it was for this reason that Britain had been expected to support the Confederacy during the war. However, Britain had decided to stay neutral because even though they had many links and contacts with the confederacy, they also exported grain from the Northern states, and they feared that by supporting the Confederacy, relations with the Union would worsen. Another issue which should be taken into consideration is what each side’s duty was during this war. The Union had the aim of enforcing federal authority in southern states and defeating the belief of “right of secession”, which had been associated with “the right to rebel” by some northern politicians. The Confederacy’s aim, on the other hand, was simply to protect and defend their lands and territory. Confederates believed that if they could resist the Union for long enough, they would surrender, and the war would soon be over. The Union’s target was much more complex, especially because the South didn’t have any cities of major importance. The main and most memorable advantage for the South however, was their morale and

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