American Childhood Essay

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In “An American Childhood”, playing snowball games can be a problem. On a winter morning six inch of snow had fallen and she was with her friends, the Fahey Boys. They were all standing in snow on a “front yard” on trafficked Reynolds Street to throw snowballs at cars passing through the road. The boys and Annie Dillard used to squeeze the snowballs that they were preparing to throw at passing cars, to make the snowballs perfectly spherical. When a car would move slowly because of the snowy road, they all flung the iceballs at once at the car before they went back to hide. As Annie just began making the iceball, a black Buick came from afar heading to where she and her friends were standing up to snowball at passing cars. As soon as the black Buick approached them they scattered took the snowballs, and at once threw it to the Buick. The black Buick driver pulled over and then opened the door after one soft iceball hit his car’s windshield right which made a shattered star in the middle. The driver chased them before he chased Annie and Mikey in the “neighborhood backyards” and to Lloyd Street as well as Halls’ front yard. After chasing them of ten blocks, the man finally caught them. Then he released, and talked to them saying, “You stupid kids.” At the end Annie Dillard acknowledges that she was terrified by the chase of the stranger man, at whom they had snowballed who only wanted for the chase to alter her and her friends’ terrible deeds of throwing snowballs at passing cars. So from this day on they decided not to throw snowballs at cars during a winter

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