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American Dream Essay “An understanding of the American Dream helps to explain the complexities of modern life.” Do you agree with this statement? In answering this question, you are to discuss American Beauty, your class novel and ONE related text of your own choosing from the 20th or early 21st Century. (800-1000 word essay) I agree with this statement, however I believe that there is no full or true understanding of the American Dream with different people having their own views and whether it negatively or positively portrays the complexities of modern life. American Beauty, Of Mice and Men and The United States are all texts that explore the complex nature of the dream and life but all have their own take. The texts convey negative impacts of the dream and how it causes and obsession for success and happiness, the necessity for material wealth and the corruption of the once pure and optimistic ‘dream’ that people are seeking. Sam Mendes explores the complexities of modern life, through the character Carolyn, with her consumption into the stereotype and idealistic views of materialistic wealth that she acquires. Carolyn is essentially presented as the dream gone wrong. This character has been consumed to the point that it has retracted her from the pure and important things that make up modern life that is family. ‘It is just a couch scene’ is the essence of materialism as the blue and white strips on the couch create a ‘prison bar’ like concept that entraps the characters in the need for material objects. This is character is juxtaposed by the partner, Lester, who is attempting to break free of the ‘jail cell’ that the American Dream has put him in. This is seen as Lester drives the toy car around the house. The visual technique of the red car up against the beige colour scheme of the house creates a point of salience and is the focal point of the

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