American Beauty - Teen movie?

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The cult classic American Beauty, is well known, well liked, and complex. This movie is many things and always keeps the viewer's attention. This movie adds twists to the typical "teen movie" scene by introducing problems into the plot without sugar-coating them much like what would happen in typical teen movies. American Beauty matches David Denby's definition of a teen movie. Lester Burnham, the father figure in the movie is also the narrator throughout American Beauty. He feels more sedated than ever and in the first couple of minutes, tells the audience that "...In less than a year, I'll be dead. Of course, I don't know that yet. And, in a way, I'm dead already." His daughter, Jane, is very self-conscious. She is friends with Angela Hayes, another cheerleader, who isn't a very good friend to Jane. Angela uses Jane in order to feel better about herself. Carolyn Burnham is the mother of Jane and is a very distant character that is driven most strongly to succeed at her job as a real-estate agent. The status quo is upset when the Burnhams get new neighbors, the Fitts'. The major upsetter in this family is Ricky Fitts. Ricky and Jane develop a romantic relationship. Ricky also interacts with Lester, soon becoming his marijuana dealer. Ricky's homophobic father, Colonel Frank Fitts, also isn't the best father figure, and ends up believing that Ricky is gay. Ricky's mother is distant and forgetful. Ricky, while dealing marijuana to Lester in the basement of the Burnham's house, further leads his father to think that he's gay. Ricky comes home and Frank Fitts confronts him, seeing an opportunity to leave, Ricky admits (falsely) to being gay. His father kicks him out. Ricky goes to run away with Jane. The movie ends with the surprise of Lester's murderer and Lester's statement that he finally is happy. This movie should be considered a "Teen Movie" for many

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