American Beauty Film Critique

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The film American Beauty is a very deep film with several meanings hidden underneath the plot and script. It is not just a film you watch to entertain yourself, it’s a film that leaves with a message and wants you to have a better understanding on life and the hidden truth. In this film you actually have a film within a film and that is Ricky’s camera. The camera is very personal and important to the characters life and Ricky uses his camera several times throughout the film; filming abstract objects and just catching life in its truest form. He doesn’t script anything and he doesn’t ask anyone if it’s alright that he’s filming; Ricky just turns the camera on, points, and shoots whatever he sees or feels like. Thus underlining bigger message in the film, what the author wants you to walk away with, and that message is to look closer. Look closer at the American culture, look closer at the true beauty of life, look closer at what’s really going on, and look closer at the things that truly matter. One way Ricky looks closer is seeing the real beauty in people, especially in Jane. Whenever Ricky is filming Jane he completely ignores her friend Angela, who is the wannabe model and the girl every American girl is supposed to try to look like, and focuses on Jane, who is beautiful in her own way. She has very low self esteem so she is afraid to show it but Ricky can see past that shell and see her for who she really is because he doesn’t buy into the American culture. He shows this buy filming Jane from his room across the way, she take of her shirt for him to show her breast, he tilts the camera up and zooms in on her face where her true beauty is. By doing this Ricky shows that there is more to a person than their perfect body, that there is more beauty in a person’s personality and soul, and that there is more to an attraction than just sex appeal. Most

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