American Beauty Conflicts

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AMERICAN BEAUTY CONFLICTS Joanne Rouse COM 200 Instructor Snyder TA Mario Jackson 03/30/13 I watched the movie American Beauty not sure at first if I could even get interested enough to pay much attention to it. I found so many interpersonal conflicts in this movie, it seemed the whole movie was a conflict of some kind or another. Interpersonal conflict is between interdependent parties who have incompatible goals, resources, and interferences from other from achieving their goals. (Wilmot &n Hocker, (2001). There was Jane the daughter who did not care about being beautiful or noticed. She kept the company of one girl who tried to make herself out as the popular girl that everyone wanted and made everyone think she put out just to be popular. Ricky who saw beauty in the smallest plainest things, that everyone tagged as weird and crazy. I feel ane and Ricky were the only two in the whole movie who did not conflict with each other. The biggest conflict throughout the whole movie was a major communication issue in all ways. No one listened to each other just said what they had to say and that was it. Jane the daughter I feel kept things to herself afraid to express herself and instead lashed out when confronted, but no one really seemed to care much to reach out and find out about what was really going on inside her, until she met Ricky who took a person interest in her. Ricky was the son of Frank the marine and he seemed to have the same communication
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