American Beauty Essay

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Research Monique Daulton Key Questions: 1) How do the characters show entrapment? 2) What does the entrapment within the character lead to? 3) How does society influence entrapment? Many different forms of literature show the theme “Entrapment”. Entrapment refers to a particular person feeling insecure within them resulting in certain actions. I have chosen a variety of literature which shows this theme in different ways. My texts that I have chosen are “Flower Girls” by Patricia Grace and “The Geranium” also by Patricia Grace. The films that I have chosen are “American Beauty” directed by Sam Mendes and Under the Tuscan Sun directed by Audrey Wells. I am aware that my selection of literature portrays many different forms of entrapment within the characters which lead to certain actions which also show the societal influence on entrapment. How do the characters show entrapment? Entrapment is shown through some characters more so than others throughout my selected literature. A similarity that the characters show throughout the literature is that they are entrapped within themselves because of their relationships due to their family and friends. In the film “American Beauty” Lester is imprisoned within his marriage and job. The director shows his entrapment clearly by camera shots, dialogue and character actions. At the beginning in the opening scene Lester states “In less than a year I will be dead, of course I don’t know that yet, and in a way I am dead already”. This quote clearly shows Lester’s entrapment right from the beginning of the film. Lester shows his entrapment which was partly caused by his fantasy a young girl “Angela”, his daughters friend which inspires him to quit his job, blackmail his boss, buy a new car, smoke pot and exercise. His actions have shock value but they make
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