Americam Beauty Essay

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Youth has related to the style, music, and leisure in the concerned to the fields of sociology and cultures. Drawing on the youth culture is as the Teddy boys, mods and skinheads, as pockets of working-class resistance. Youth has played and created their subcultural roles for fun. Similarly, youth without ever being a committed stylist, or belong to a group or gang, is given only a cursory mention. The role of style, music and other popular cultural sources are better understood as taste cultures in the creating rather than merely confirming communities. Taste cultures are the product of youth dynamic’s and highly reflexive relationship with the mass media. The mass media is responsible to the symbolic value of style and other popular cultural resources for transforming youth into an identity, a state of mind rather than a particular stage in life. In recent years, identity has been the focus of key argues in cultural studies. It is all in a very similar condition today, looking forward to a demanding new environment, a positive of the intellectual abilities. It should be much the same, but it should be also very different from one another. And it is a difference that poses one of the greatest chances, as well as one of its greatest challenges. Every human has different in many ways as in religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, social class, travel experiences, sexual orientation, age, disability, school background, to name only a few. These differences of way do not groups, so that culture and language and is learning to work with a learning disability. I will examine what youth identity and difference with examples of the film ‘American Beauty’. Firstly, it will be defined as identity. Next, it will be examined how differences between youth and expectations of societies with some characters. Finally, it will be suggested the expected identity policy in the

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