America's Sagging Pants

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America’s Sagging Pants Prison attire has long been known to diminish and demoralize the prisoners. It is an embodiment of punishment. In 1815 black and white stripped prison attire from Newgate Prison was an icon symbol of being incarcerated. Since then prison garments have been made to serve as function over fashion. Not until the late 80’s and early 90’s did prison attire become a fashion statement, thus leading into the fashion trend of sagging pants. Sagging your pants was originated in the American prison system. To sag your pants, one must wear their pants significantly below the waste so that much of the person’s underwear is revealed. This is also known as low riding. The history of sagging pants started in the American prisons during the late 80’s and early 90’s when there was a significant overflow of young African Americans in the system. Because it is important to keep the cost of prison garments on the lower cost margarine, many people were given ill fitted uniforms. Also, belts and shoe laces were omitted from any attire due to their pretense for being used as weapons or for a means of suicide. Without any article of clothing to help hold your britches up, sagging became a way of wearing your prison attire. When hip hop, during this time period adopted this look, it fit into the notion that one was not cool unless one did time. Ice T and other famous rappers took notice and started performing shows that were globally seen and started the trend that is now considered to be a gangsta look. Since the majority of prisoners were young African American and the main musical influence was hip hop, it is no mystery as to why this became the fashion icon for that musical niche. Another origin suggested that sagging your pants in prison was a prisoner’s way of saying he was sexually available to another prisoner. By exposing your underwear or your ass

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