America's Roots Essay

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America’s Roots The Native Americans are the backbone for the American existence.Without the Native Americans, the Europeans would not have had the resources needed to be successful in America. The Native Americans played an essential role in America becoming a nation because they taught the colonists the necessary tools needed to live in America such as growing crops, understanding the terrain, and using hunting systems. To begin, the Native Americans learned how to grow their own crops. Growing crops was important because it provided a source of food. It also gave them the ability to teach others how to grow crops so they can live in America without starving. The Europeans that colonized America benefitted from the knowledge of the Native Americans because they did not know how to find their own food. Before the Native Americans taught the Europeans how to grow their own food, they were eating whatever they could get their hands onto. The Europeans took advantage of the Native Americans and took over their territory. Understanding the terrain was a crucial element to learn because they would know where to grow crops, find animals to eat and know where safety is. Knowing where to locate these places would help in living in America after leaving a country and coming to an unfamiliar one. Understanding the area you are in gives you a better chance of survival and a better life. If the Europeans had known this information earlier, they would not have had to resort to cannibalism. The Europeans believe that the Native Americans were wild beasts; however, it was the Europeans doing insane things as in eating others because you did not know how to find the food. Because of this, the Native Americans were an essential part of America becoming a nation. The Europeans colonized an area that they had no idea about, but the Native Americans taught them everything that
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