America Without Blacks Is Unrealistic

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America Without Blacks is Unrealistic Picture America without Blacks. Barack Obama would not be the president. Martin Luther King, Jr. would not have been recognized as a great civil rights leader. America could not carry on without the existence of Blacks. Further more explaining this topic, Ralph Ellison wrote an essay titled “What America Would Be Like Without Blacks” and how America would not survive without Blacks. “Ridding” America of Blacks is unrealistic because America would not be where it is today without Blacks. Without Blacks in America, the history of our country would not be the same. Many issues that Blacks suffered through would not exist. There would be “no [slavery], no Civil War, no K.K.K., and no Jim Crow system”(Ellison 82). Because of Blacks, White Southerners created the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws. The history of America without Blacks would make America nonexistent. If Blacks didn’t exist, this nation would be poor, less populated, and weaker as a country. In addition to not having Blacks in America, many great American novels would not exist. As Ellison puts it, “Mark Twain celebrated [slavery] in the prose of Huckleberry Finn; without the presence of Blacks the book could not have been written”(82). Blacks inspired many American writers. If Blacks didn’t exist, those novels or writings would have never been seen. These things can alter the history of America if Blacks didn’t exist. Similar to the history of America, the politics of America would not stay the same without the existence of Blacks. Many policies in existence today would not be present. Ellison states, The nation could not survive being deprived of their presence because, by the irony implicit in the dynamics of American democracy, they symbolize both its most stringent testing and the possibility of its greatest human freedom(83). Blacks started off as slaves
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