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WHY THE UNITED STATES IS NOT NUMBER ONE IN HEALTH The United States of America has the most successful economy and is by far the richest country in the world. It’s a known fact that money obtains resources and these resources grant people a longer and healthier life. One would think with all the wealth America possesses we would rank number one in health. Contrary to popular belief, the United States rank near the very bottom in regards to health. If it’s not about the finances then what is it about America that is harmful to health? “According to the famous NiHonSan Study, which followed Japanese immigrants to the United States, the closer they settled to the American mainland, the higher their risk was of suffering a heart attack. Death…show more content…
This inequality within our nation is the culprit behind America’s insignificant health. “Wealthy Americans make considerably more money than their counterparts in other wealthy countries, while the bottom 10% of our households make considerably less than poor people in Europe or Japan” (Page 228). The breach between America’s poor and rich is causing the overall health to lessen. The wealthy American will spend their money on unnecessary items that they will dissipate; “as private wealth become more concentrated, the quality of public life suffers” (228). Researchers have identified an association between household income inequality and mortality rates. The Robin Hood Index is a chart that displays the distribution of income and the mortality rate within each state. Consequently, the results show the more unequal the distribution of income, the higher the death rate. The large gap between America’s poor and wealthy can cause major depression and low-self-esteem to our citizens. This gap is also being said to cause “higher prevalence of hypertension and smoking, and higher rates of teen pregnancy and birth, as well as lower self-rated health (i.e., people reporting that their health is only fair or poor, as opposed to excellent or very good)” (Page…show more content…
John suddenly finds out his son Michael has cardiomegaly and needs heart transplantation. This procedure will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and John finds out his insurance company will only cover a very small portion of the cost. In desperate need to get his son a new heart John holds a group of people hostage to get the attention of someone who could help. John knew that Michael had to get a new healthy heart in a short amount of time and was willing to commit suicide to give his beloved son his heart. John soon finds out before attempting suicide that Michael has a donor and they will give him the transplant. This story is incredibly inspiring with an upbeat ending of John and his healthy family. However, John displayed several actions that were extremely unethical. The article “Why the United States is Not Number One in Health Care” is relevant because of the lack of health care to the nation. Over a million people in America would have better health if they had free health care, therefore the United States would be ranked higher in

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