America Through a Foreigner's Eyes Essay

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America through a foreigner’s eyes America is known as the only place where success and advancement are truly guaranteed. Besides its difficulties to get into the country, it remains a safe and a happy place for living. America for me is paradise that is hard to enter but once there, I can live a decent life. Moving to America is one of my many goals after college. America is the land of opportunities. They have the biggest universities in the world with a high level of education. Most of the schools in this country provide free publics education. Some schools can hold up to three thousand students. Being a student at any university in America will guarantee a brighter future with a lot of success. In addition, the country has a huge variety of jobs and companies due to the wealth and strength of its economy. Most of the citizens in America don’t have financial problems. The law requires a minimum amount of money per hours worked. Therefore Americans can live a life full of satisfaction. The government gives huge attention and support to their citizens. They assured that all their needs are satisfied. If a citizen feels dissatisfied and is struggling, the government does its best to assist him. Law and order is very important to Americans. It is important to me as well. Americans obeys the traffic laws. People stop on the red sign and drive on the green one. People respect the speed limits. People who sit on the front and back seat are required to put their seatbelts on. People who drive motorcycles are forced to wear helmets for safety. And therefore, these traffic laws will reduce car accidents. In conclusion, I see America as a place where failure is nearly impossible. Schools universities and jobs are provided with a high level. I see myself having a gracious living, affording all my needs. I see myself
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