America Skips School

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Teachers Deserve to Get Paid More In the essay, “America Skips School,” by Benjamin Barber, Barber argues that American children are learning the wrong lessons outside of school and that society doesn’t care. He gives statistics that show how bad the American education system is. For example, Barber states that simple literacy is not efficient in over ninety-million adult Americans. Many children either become drop-outs or become criminals, and those who choose to stay in school are falling behind the world standard in science education. Children don’t listen to their school teachers as much as they listen to society. They learn more from watching television and celebrities. If society was serious about education, then the school year would be longer so that children could learn all-year-round and class sizes would be smaller so that teachers could engage with each student more. There is also a salary issue with education. American teachers don’t earn as much money as business professionals and teachers in other countries such as Japan, Canada, and Germany. If society really cared about education, then teachers would be getting paid as much as lawyers, doctors, and accountants. Society is making it seem that educating young children in school is not that important. In other words, school teachers aren’t important. Barber argues that society is not serious about American education (The McGraw-Hill Reader, 153-162). In his essay, Barber points out that lawyers get paid about seventy-thousand dollars a year to eighty-thousand a year, and that kindergarten teachers don’t get that same amount, which isn’t fair. Kindergarten teachers are as important as lawyers because after all, they are one of the first people to start children off in the education road. If society really cared about education, then teachers would also be getting paid the same amount as
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