America Past and Present 7th Edition Ap Chapter 2 Outline

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The Chesapeake: Dreams of Wealth -English interest in colonization declined after Roanoke -Some still had interest, thought of the New World as good financial investment to give England adv. over Holland, France, and Spain -Anti Catholicism/ hatred of Spain became English identity -Colonies of Virginia and Maryland= Tobacco Coast Entrepreneurs in Virginia -New World settlements incredibly expensive -Joint-stock companies created, investors would receive initial investment back over several years and a portion of the company’s profits -Virginia started by such a company (the London Company/ the Virginia Company) -Jamestown was founded near James River (horrible positioning geographically in terms of sickness and starvation, good in terms of attack by NA or Spaniards) -Traditional English work experience was not suitable for Virginia, colonizers suffered early -Rumors of vast wealth disappointed colonists Spinning out of Control -Captain John Smith saved the colony -Traded with NA, mapped Chesapeake -Put Jamestown under tough military-esque control -Colonists despised him, but he kept the colony alive -English gov and the Virginia Company raised money for the colony, but bad luck and bad planning put the rejuvenation attempt awry -Governor Lord De La Warr postponed departure to America, adding in more chaos -1609-1610 was the lowest point for the colonists, many of them resorted to cannibalism -NA presence increased tensions -Powhatans and English were allies at first, but eventually grew to be enemies -Powhatans attempted to annihilate the English twice, but the second attempt led to downfall of their empire (1644) -De La Warr attempted to save the colony under martial law, but failed → investors lost their money Importance of Tobacco -John Rolfe realized the potential in NA grown tobacco -Tobacco was exported

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