America Obesity Essay

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“As obesity increases we are seeing more and more young people, some as young as seven, being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, previously only seen in those over 40. It won’t be long before we start seeing our children growing up losing limbs and becoming blind as they develop the serious complications of having the condition,” stated by Cathy Moulton, is a quote that has actually become reality. Today, many Americans are becoming overweight and not even realizing it, or realizing it too late. There are many factors that play into obesity in America, but it is still no one’s fault, but one’s own. Although the food industries have gone somewhat overboard with their advertisements, portion sizes, etc., us Americans choose the groceries we purchase, and the food we intake. The food industries care only about the money they receive, not about the way our American’s are appearing, which is making it harder for individual’s to watch their weight, and what foods they eat. Farmer’s are beginning to grow almost twice as much food that is needed, making more and more food available to the outside world. They are also advertising their food in many different ways; having it seen by many American’s each day. Another major cause of the world’s obesity is fast food restaurants. Not only are they cheap and definitely convenient, most places are extremely bad for our health. Now, they do not only have meals, but they have a large meal, and also even an extra large meal, sometimes known as supersize. These bulky sizes are only ways for people to eat an excessive amount of non-healthy food, and only gain even more weight. Although many factors add up, like stated previously, I believe that it is still that specific individual’s choice whether or not to be obese. I understand there are some medical reasons for being obese, and there is nothing one can do about it, I also know

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