America Needs It's Nerds

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Why is it that so many intelligent people are considered lower that those who have no intelligence book wise? Society had made the image that the intellectualists of this nation have no place in the social aspect. In “America Needs Its Nerds”, author Leonid Fridman asserts that the American attitude anti-intellectualism must end for America to remain being a competitive force with other countries. Fridman was right when he said that geeks do not play a significant role in the society. One of his examples was that many foreign countries revere their professors and scholars, but in America we revere our celebrities and ball players. Fridman hits it on the nail. America needs to revere the people who educate their children and not push education away. Fridman supports his claim through contrasting examples displaying the attitude of American anti-intellectualism in America and other countries. For example, East Asia doesn’t worry about being good at sports; it worries about how well the younger generation does in education. America is way off when it comes to being a leader in the education department. If the world decided on the strong powers of the world, the US would not make the top 20 on that list. People in the US are more worried about whose going to win the Super Bowl that if their child is going to graduate or not. Fridman’s purpose is to convey what he sees as a demeaning attitude of anti-intellectualism in order to emphasize how Geeks are needed in society. In his piece, Fridman emphasizes that the Geeks should stand up for themselves and not be victims of self-humiliation. Intellectualism is more important than having social skills and physical power. The people who have physical power can lose that over time, but intellectuals will never lose their knowledge. It will stay with them forever and ever. Based on his persistent and accusing tone, Fridman
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